Spring Break Camp

Camp Carden offers a super fun and exciting spring break camp. Click the link below to download our Spring 2016 Brochure:

Spring break this year is from March 26th until April 6th. We invite children ages 5-11 to attend our fun and unique camp. We have our own water slide, zip line, bounce house, bungee run inflatable, spinami, 10 foot Zorb ball (AKA hamster ball), and other fun activities for the campers. Camp is run by professional teachers who are first aid and CPR certified. Keep reading below to view our weekly themes.


This year, our schedule is as follows:

Week One: March 26th – March 30th “Science”

        Science is experimental, exploring, and exciting! The children will go on a journey each day with hands on activities from “Steve Spangler’s” exuberant experiments. Along with the in class experiments, they will have some big adventures outside with our inflatable units, ice blocking, zip lining, and more excitement! We will also be taking advantage of the spring season with some cultivating and planting of some new herbs, veggies, and fruit in the Garden.

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Week Two: April 2nd – 6th    “Rox-A-Boxen”

This week of camp is based on a book by Alice McLerran. “Rox A Boxen” is a story about a group of children who had nothing but boxes and rocks to play with, and through their imagination created a city. The children this week will be creating their own city. Each child, or group of children, will be encouraged to use their imagination to build with, and decorate boxes to represent a store. They will then bring in items from home to “sell” in their stores. Colorful rocks and stones found on the treasure hunts, will be used as the “Money” to trade for items and services at the stores. This is lots of fun, and it is great to see the children use their imaginations and interact with one another. It also teaches them a little bit about business.   **A camp favorite!


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